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Tips & Advice

You’ve made the right choice by having your car repaired here. All work at this shop is done with advanced refinishing products and is applied by specially trained and certified technicians. A few simple tips will help you preserve the beauty of your car’s new finish.

  • Don’t use a commercial car wash for 30 days after refinishing
  • Always wash with cold water and commercially available car wash soaps
  • Wash in the shade, and dry it with a soft towel
  • Never dry-wipe to remove dust or loose dirt
  • Avoid temperature extremes by parking indoors whenever possible
  • Regularly examine finish for paint chips and repair them as soon as possible
  • Avoid parking near factories, since heavy smoke and pollutants can result in paint damage
  • Rinse off bird droppings, gasoline and other automotive fluids as quickly as possible with water
  • Brush off ice and snow from painted surfaces-never scrap it off!
  • Avoid the use of wax or polish for the first 60 days after refinishing